Should I start eating meat again?

I really need some opinions, so please read on.

I have been a vegetarian for 5 years now. Right now I am in college for the second time trying to become a paramedic. I flunked out last year because I didn’t get strong enough to lift the proper weight. This is my ultimate goal so I am trying again this year….

yes you should meat does actually have a lott of iron and vitamins which you need or just take vitamin tablets to give you the added strength you neeed.

There are no vitamins in meat, just cholesterol and saturated fat which our bodies do not need. Meat also has other unhealthy components such as antibiotics, growth hormones, and diseases. You are at risk of E.coli, trichinosis, and other deadly diseases.

You should eat some type of beans (lentils or chickpeas) if you are not eating tofu. There are lots of recipes with these legumes that are delicious. Also, couscous and pasta are good options, just make sure they are whole grain. Those also have iron in them, which is also important.

Vegans can get every single nutrient they need, except for B12. B12 is actually a microorganism found in soils, but we don’t get the benefits of that anymore because our fruits and veggies are so sanitized now, that any B12 gets scrubbed and sanitized right off.

the reason i became vegetarian became via fact i did no longer believe production unit-farming animals, and guidance on a thank you to bypass to the food market and purchase a sausage without understanding the way it became raised, dealt with etc. Now it somewhat is summer season the place I stay, and that i’ve got have been given so lots extra possibilities of looking/searching my own foodstuff, so i’ve got end being vegetarian. yet I nevertheless won’t devour any meat from the food market or butcher, in user-friendly terms meat that I or a chum has caught, meaning I nevertheless are not getting to devour meat very frequently. so which you are able to respond to your question, it extremely relies upon on what your motives for being vegetarian are. i’m a hundred% happy with eating meat that i’ve got caught, and now i’ve got have been given the possibility to try this, so i’m happy. yet once you’re against killing animals, then maybe you should stay vegetarian.

Should you eat meat? Your choice. You might keep a food diary for a while and see how many calories you’re eating. You do understand that animal products provide a high quality protein, but veggies contain either only some of the amino acids that make up protein or a very low quality protein? So you need to eat a wide variety, and lot, of veggies to get the same protein as you get from 4 oz of, say, beef.

You could add eggs and dairy products back into your diet and see if that helps. They contain high quality protein and will add calories, too.

I’m not sure that vegetarianism is the problem.

Take Carl Lewis for example: he’s a vegan and a ten-time Olympic medalist. More examples here:…

Anyway, you dont seem to know whether or not you’re getting enough calories. Thats the first thing you need to do- make your you’re simply eating enough food. If you’re lacking at the end of the day, eat something with peanutbutter, make a simple rice strifry, have a bowl of cereal, etc. It really isnt that hard.

The low body weight in a vegetarian may be due to:

* Low calorie intake, especially due to low fat intake
* Avoiding eating due to non-attractive food
* Irregular eating habits
* Bloating due to large amount of soluble fiber resulting in avoiding food
* Worm infestation
* Small intestinal disorders, like celiac disease and fructose malabsorption

Vegetarian Foods That can Help Gain Weight

Plant foods rich in proteins:

* Nuts: peanuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, pistachios, pecans, Brazil nuts
* Seeds: sunflower, pumpkin
* Legumes: soya bean, beans, peas, pulses, lentils, Bengal grams
* Drumsticks
* Cereals

The rich sources of fats of plant origin include:

* Nuts: coconut and all other nuts
* Seeds: all seeds
* Avocado
* Olives
* Oil
* Margarine

The rich sources of carbohydrates of plant origin include:

* Cereals: rice, wheat, corn, millet, oats, barley, and so on
* Pasta (macaroni, spageti)
* Potato
* Root vegetables, like beetroot
* Dried fruits: raisins, dates, prunes, figs, apricots

Vegetarian Foods Rich in Iron

* Enriched breakfast cereals
* Enriched pasta
* Beans and lentils
* Baked potatoes with skin
* Leafy greens of the cabbage family: broccoli, kale, turnip greens, collards
* Dried fruits, like figs, raisins
* Sesame seeds
* Walnuts

More tips here:…

There’s alot of ways to get protein while being a vegetarian… However i do agree that there are certain vitamins and minerals that you will only find in meat. I choose to only eat wild game and wild caught seafood, to stay away from the chemically injected meat sold in grocery stores.

My advice to you is to explore other options to get protein if you’re commited to being a vegetarian. What about eggs? Nuts? Do some research… there are options. Maybe start drinking natural protein shakes, those are great for putting on muscle.

you could eat fatty food to gain weight or work out a lot and the muscles will make you more heavy 😛

You can easily gain muscle being vegetarian. Eat lots of nuts, and protein bars. You can make your own protein shakes too, and add TVP(textured vegetable protein) to it, or to your oatmeal…etc.

Hi there,

I didn’t eat meat for 13 years but decided to start again about 2 years ago. It’s a personal decision where you need to weigh the pros and the cons of your life style. It is possible to gain muscle weight and not eat meat – you’ll have to take a lot of supplements though. If you do decide to eat meat again there are lots of ethical places to shop. My advice, listen to what your body wants, try meditating on it. Also, you need to decide if your reason for not wanting to eat meat is still valid.

Hope this helps.


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