Survey : Do you know the Answers rules of conduct?

Do you care? 🙂 LOL

never looked, and i really dont care….haha!

YES and for all i care yamster can take there rules and conduct and stick them where the sun dose not shine in a million years

HA!!!…i laugh in the face of whomever wrote the answers rules of conduct.

Why yes i do and i do care. In fact, Chapter 7, Subpart 3 (a) clearly states that such questions are in violation of the terms and conditions of this webpage. As such, I feel compelled to say… feck it.

Not all of them. Some are very vague. Some of my violations said that I “might have” violated community guidelines. I’m not really sure about what chatting is either. It’s not like we are talking or anything.

Why should I care? Its not like I’m ever going to be famous like Judas Rabbi or anything.

Sometimes it pops up after I hit submit, oh well, I’m not reading the fine print unless I have to and besides the Yahoo staff most likely doesn’t even read their own garbage.


Of course I know them, and of course I dont give a damn about them

my lacking of caring COULD very well be why I have had 30+ accounts, but whose counting?

Kinda but some rules are meant to be broken…xxx

<~breakin’ all the rules

Yahoo keeps telling me to look at those (I get like 10-15 violations a day)… but I just don’t care!! haha =)

i dont give a crap about rules of conduct

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