What to expect after leaving your family for good?

I cant take it anymore always in trouble with mom, this year i have decided to leave house and be myself with no hurt inside, but im a lil scared. What to expect and how to start.

it will be more peaceful living without your mom around and you always getting in trouble with her

I moved out when I was 17 . My parents came to my school for weeks harassing my school info about me and where I was . I suggest not to keep in contact . Your mom will lie and say things to you and not mean them but she only wants you back . My parents called the police reporting me missing , as long as your over the age of 16 you’re allowed to move out . I suggest counseling , that really helped me . Try to keep in touch with some family – such as aunts and uncles . Hope this helps !

The hurt inside won’t go just because you move.

You may need counselling/support group/self help books.

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