Who deserved to win? Greece or Costa rica!?

Im talking to the ones who saw the game.
I know, this is football, but in your opinion, who really deserved to qualify to the ‘8’?

Costa Rica. They have better balance. Greece couldn’t even score with a man advantage for a substantial amount of time.

Costa rica

Honestly Greece they could’ve won but they kept on making silly mistakes.

Costa rica. I hate greece.

Costa. Greece is lucky with the hands

Greece did, but not always the best wins.

Costa Rica. Greece couldn’t score with a one man advantage for over an hour.

Costa Rica. You can talk about the handball in the box that wasn’t called, or commend them for defending 60+ min on 10 men. Either way, they deserved it. Brilliantly taken pens and a strong save by their GK to ensure the victory.

Costa Rica..

Costa Rica still managed to win with 10 men on the field. They deserved it.

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