Why did the Republicans and fringe Conservatives turn to advocating violence & armed revolt?

Search the questions on here in the last six months and search the Republican and FOX talking points during that same time period, then it will be clear what I am asking about.

Why did the Republicans and fringe Conservatives turn to advocating violence & armed revolt?

Were just getting warmed up. Wait until Obama infests this Country like a cancer. Then you will see real violence and revolt. Change you can believe in.

That is the only way they know to discredit the current administration. They know the majority of the people voted for Obama. They think through threats and intimidation they can cause trouble so nothing will be done in Congress and that they can bully and threaten the people to allow them to take over.

Why are you trying to stereotype ALL Republicans and conservatives based on what you see on YA? LOL. This site is hardly representative of any political party. Trolls come on here all the time, and you don’t know what they are about in real life.

Quit taking things so seriously. It makes you look like a dolt.

If you want to see violent behavior, just look at the left in real life. The Pinko Commies and other liberals.

This myth you are putting forward is ABSURD. It is the liberals in power that are calling anyone with an opposing view to their agenda “Nazis, angry mobs, and unamerican”.
Find one instance where a protester or Tea Party attender was arrested or charged with a crime! I have already checked. There is not ONE time where a person that does not agree with Obamacre or any of his policies has been put in jail. There was one liberal antiprotester that slammed a TP attenders head on the hood of a car!
How is that for violent?
I am growing tired of the liberal, Obama briain washed crowd calling everybody else racist, violent, and unamerican just because we are exercising OUR RIGHT of FREE SPEECH and speaking out against policies THAT WILL NOT WORK. Who slandered the lib antiwar protesters for the last 8 years and tried to take away their right to free speech? Nobody. Who tried to censure Reid, Pelosi, Schumer, Kerry, Kennedy, Feinstein and others who called President Bush all kinds of vile and slanderous names during his administration? Nobody.
You are perpetrating an extreme case of hypocrisy on the part of your party by even asking such a baseless question!!!!

They haven’t yet but many of us are really sick and tired of being called this and being called that….we love our country and have a right to our right to not agree with the way it is being run.

Please provide link where fox talking points and fringe are advocating violence.

For last few YEARS your side has been talking of turning Mr Bush over to a E U court and after found guilty he was to be executed Now that would being about an armed response Even talking of this should rightfully bring about a physical response The speaker of the house even had to publicly tell you knock it off this well never happen
Many of us are sick of your insults name calling disrespect Telling us we are embittered insulting our beliefs Hearing that we introduced aids and drugs to kill off a people Telling us we deserved to die on 9/11
Do you really think we going to just let you keep talking like this without responding to it?

oh what a crap job. what is the violence on the republicans side. protesting? and what violence was done , was done from barrys goons. what instance are you talking about. what violence are you talking about. you didn;t name any because you can:t. you are just saying disagreeing with him is violence. tell us all the violence from the republicans.
Fox reports the truth about barry. you don;t like that so they are violent.
get a life beside the one your leader is leading. you have the right to your good opinion of barry;s radical socialst /marxist life he has planned for us but I don;t have to agree.oh and now we are all armed? right? don;t be so pitiful

Because they still haven’t learned their lesson from the 2008 election.

because they feel the peoples rights are being violated by the government

libs trash their own headquarters,kill folks with aborted fetus pics,beat blacks up,bite of peoples fingers,call americans AstroTurf,nazi’s,racist.seems the dem libs are the true loons here!!!

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