Why don’t liberals understand that terrorists are attacking the US because they hate our freedoms?

I got in an argument with a liberal about this the other day. This liberal tried to tell me that the US getting attacked on 9/11 might have something to do with the fact that the US has bombed 33 countries since the end of WW2, maintains over 700 military bases in other people’s countries, and had been…

You are 100% correct.

Osama Bin Laden read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, didn’t like what he saw, and then ordered the 9/11 attacks to punish us for our Freedoms.

Anyone that think it has anything to do with occupying Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries, bombing Iraq, and supporting Israel – is probably an America-hating socialist.

Sorry,but you are wrong too.They hate us because their holy book and the writings of their messiah tell them to.You know.The quran and the hadith.The whole convert,enslave or kill the infidel thing.They don’t give a damm about our freedoms.

The US is 5% of the world’s population but it has 25% of its prisoners. Where’s that freedom?

The more you blame your fellow countrymen for the actions of foreign oppressors the weaker you make your country.

Terrorism is an aspect of psychological warfare, please try to keep up.

And we double Tbag terrorists WITH our freedom.


At least President Obama has kept us safe.

no for bush’s invasive policies

I hope that’s satirical.

I can SMELL a lib troll!

Troll harder

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