Why has the Obama regime increase gas prices nationwide?

Where I get mine, it was $2.49/gallon last week, now it is $3.39/gallon

he has to keep the price going up to make it so expensive that you will buy an electric car that goes 30 miles on a charge.

We are NOT seeing the results of the Gulf oil spill. The entire Gulf oil spill contained about as much oil as America uses in less than 4 hours.

It is a Holiday week, though, and oil prices are not exactly the fault of the president, Obama, Bush, Clinton, whoever. You can blame the Saudi princes and oil barons. Any suggestion that anyone in America could even be responsible is just plain dumb at this point. Americans have to drill out in the middle of the ocean to get anything even close to 1% of the kind of reserves the Arabian Penn has.

It’s not Obama. Gas prices always go up just prior to Thanksgiving. Supply and demand, we’re going into the most travelled weekend of the year. When Bush was President gas was approaching $5.00 a gallon. It hasn’t hit $3.00 here.
Restrictions on off shore drilling precede Clinton. They started after the Santa Barbara oil spill when Nixon’s Western White House was in San Clemente CA.

Going Green who needs oil the Liberal way. Buy a Volt from Government Motors.How about drilling for oil and use our own resources not the Arab oil. But then we won’t need the Liberals Green course to kill the economy.Wait till the GOV puts 16 cents more a Gallon Tax on.

They don’t really have direct control of Gas prices. How ever their policies can have huge effects on the price of gas. For example if they create a policy that makes OPEC nations stop selling the US crude gas prices will sky rocket over night. Another way they have indirectly increased prices is opposing the construction of new oil refineries. This means the US can only produce so much gas so fast. When the demand is higher then the production rates gas prices will go up.

gas expenditures went up in the Bush years because of fact OPEC threatened to tighten the faucet or shift recources to China because of fact of turning out to be call for. This brought about panic between oil businesses who braced themselves for the worst and envisioned an enhance of their very own expenses. occasion: in case you very own a suntan middle and the electrical powered corporation tells you that next month they are elevating their expenditures one hundred%, then you will ought to right this moment double the charges which you would be able to charge your purchasers in case you need to shield the comparable income margin as previously the fee replace. in case you wait 2 months to enhance your expenditures whether, your corporation will probable fail because of fact you’re paying the flexibility corporation extra effective than you owe. massive oil raised its expenditures because of fact OPEC introduced that crude oil could quickly become plenty extra high priced.

I really don’t think that Mr Obama has the authority to ad a $0.90 ninety cent per gallon tax for any segment of the country. You could possibly blame your own state legislature or governor for requiring a witch’s brew of a gasoline mixture that really does nothing for pollution and greatly increases the cost of production. This is the time of year that many locations change their mixture requirements

Unless taxes went up in the last week it is probably OPEC that did it. Ie, texans who are friends with muslims until they can use muslims as the common enemy that is. Talk about hypocrisy!!!

Gas price increase happen every year around the holidays

gas prices started to rise when it looked like House republicans would gain a majority…

That’s how he is going to get cap and trade with out it passing the senate and the house just start to raising energy prices…

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