Why should I care about anybody else?

Do you want people to care about you? If we all had that attitude, we would all be in big trouble. Who would help you, then, when you needed it?

Because you receive what put out. If you put out no caring for anyone else, it is unlikely that you will ever receive caring, or atleast not for the long-term. Humans are social animals. We need the company of other like-minded people. We cannot exist in the world alone. If you don’t care about anyone else you will be about as alone as you can get, and that will only hurt you, no one else. It is a much more pleasant and enjoyable life when you can share it with others. Life was meant to be joyful and abundant. It doesn’t have to be miserable. But, you will only attract more misery unto yourself if you are miserable to others.

Best wishes.

Good question! Our actions in the world are a reflection of our internal beliefs. Caring for others shows that we care for ourselves. If we care for ourselves we are less likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, helplessness or despair. So, in short, caring for others is for our own well being.

because we care for you too! Imagine, so far, we are the only people that we know of in this entire universe. Only 6 billion of us, so we should really care for each other! (grins) truth is, i don’t mind if you care for me or not, as for me, i’ll always care for you and everyone else! Love you all!

Because that is an act of selflessness and that means we follow the example set before us by the Lord.

You shouldn’t care about anybody else. Then wait about 3 days and see if you really do care about anybody else. If you do, then you have answered your own question.

Selfish people really miss on the large picture…being un-selfish is much more rewarding…it has a spiritual reward…but then, not everybody searches for spiritual rewards and confirmation…

withholding judgment is a powerful tool, because other people show us what we invite them to show us. If I respond to your guilt, you will tend to show me more of it. If I approach you with a critical attitude, then I’m more likely to get a response from you that seems to prove my point. Yet if I respond to your innocence, you’ll tend to show me that. as well. our focus on the good in someone else, regardless of whether or not our ego thinks they “deserve” it, casts a mystical light on any relationship.

Because when we put others comfort first, when it’s our turn to be cared for there will be someone there for us. I don’t really know why this happens but it does.

And maybe we’ll get better birthday gifts?

you recognize the reasons to care for yourself. you can recognize the reality of other people. since you care for yourself, and recognize their reality, you also have a reason to care for them!

We are all in this together!

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