Agree or disagree: Immigrants are lazy free-loaders who take our jobs by working harder for less pay?

No,They are lazy yes they take our jobs for less yes but do not work harder.If you see a construction site with mexicans you see no work besides a mexican trying to talk to an american that doesnt understand what he’s saying.Lets ship all illegals criminals and city folk to united kingdom then we will have a wealthy country full of nice small towns.Huh sounds like 30 years ago

By the way i figured this out and im 14 why can’t the rest of America?

Illegal ones are. They may be working “harder” (or not) for less money, but they are freeloading on all of our social programs and protections afforded those who are citizens or legal aliens.
Your average illegal is an uneducated, dumb schmuck usually with family in tow, who has NO regard for our laws.
I am outnumbered 3:1 with LEGAL immigrants on a project I am working on. I would send back all the illegals and a few thousand native born citizens if I could live and work amongst such educated, able, hard working and HONORABLE people.

You’re half right. The huge mass of unskilled laborers in the Los Angeles area, at least, has driven the value of labor down to the point where people with few skills can not make a living wage. Meanwhile there are masses of US citizens on one or another form of welfare who can not afford to get off that and actually work because they can’t take that much of a pay cut. The answer is to eliminate undocumented workers who are willing to live 20 to a room in a house and work at substandard wages and put our own people to work. All work is noble. US citizens will take that work if it pays as much as not working. The good work of undocumented immigrants drives down to value of all labor.

Disagree. Immigrants are what made this country a great place to live because we’re such a diverse nation. Illegal immigrants are not lazy they are illegal immigrants.

forbidden by law or statute.
contrary to or forbidden by official rules, regulations, etc.

If the President and Congress were doing their jobs this would be a non-issue.

Disagree. Americans are the lazy ones. If they want jobs, they need to compete for them.

In this globalized world, where the US is so supportive of corporations’ search for profits, how can you say the immigrants are the bad guys? If US companies didn’t have immigrants to work for less money, and had to pay lazy, entitled Americans to do everything they’d just move the jobs to developing countries, as had been the trend for the past few decades.

Disagree. Simply being an American does not make you special.

Rouse yourself from the self-induced narcissist complex please.

The question asker is also an immigrant. Even if they have lost track of their ancestry.

The people who think illegal immigrants are this huge burden are equally delusional.
You can’t even rent an apartment without a social security number.

Illegal immigrants yeah.

Legal immigrants no. The reason being legal ones won’t work for dirt cheap like a lot may believe.

illegals have mastered the art of looking like they are working hard, unless you happen to be a construction worker and have watched how they send the word to eachother quickly when the boss is getting near and jump back up from their day long siesta and act like they are doing something productive, you might never know this.
just go to any jobsite and watch for a few hours. you’ll see what i mean.

i’ll give them this; “nobody works harder at trying to appear to be working hard then illegals”

Well they are not lazy ‘free-loaders’ when they are working hard for less pay.

It’s been highly reported that illegals take jobs away from African Americans. So, I guess liberals don’t care about African Americans anymore and want to get the Hispanic vote, which is a higher percentage.

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