Can I get my dad arrested for being mad that I abandoned my sister in a mall when it was all my moms fault?

My mom made me watch my 5 year old sister in the mall so it’s her fault.
Cuz all that happened was one of my baby sisters needed her diaper changed. So my mom toad me to sit on a bench with the 5 year old while she went to the restroom with the babies.
Well the 5 year old was annoying me. She was calling me…

Franky, don’t put this on your Mom. She attempted to run an simple errand and one of the twins soiled their diaper. She asked you to watch/ entertain the princess . A five year old is going to try to get to you by calling you names, because it is entertainment especially if she get an reaction out of you. You were in tough place to keep her entertained since you did not have a piece of paper & pen/pencil to play tic tac toe. Or let her draw. When you are on a bench you can play I see something ( a color) and have her guess what it is. Or count the number of people wearing a color.

Now you knew if you abandoned her like that your parents especially your Dad would go ape. Franky, until something happens and you will never forgive yourself if something does happen, you won’t get why a lost child is a parent’s greatest fear.

So you need to be prepared – in the baby bag pack a bunch of things you can do with the princess the next time you sit on a bench with her. A pack of cards so you can play war. A little pony or toys she can play with, little notebook of paper she can draw in & a small pencil/pen. Also think about stuff you can do with her like I said.

Security didn’t do anything, because they wanted to smack you on the side of your head and ask what were you thinking. Franky, no one is going to give your sympathy for what you did.

Your Mom thinks she is suppose to be super Mom, and manage the twins, a five year old, and you. She doesn’t want your grandma to think she can not handle everything. because grandma managed her flock of ducklings.

This is either a horrible troll or you are just spoiled. All you had to do was watch your sister! I know they can be fidgety but that’s no reason to be left alone in a mall. You should have played a fun made up game with her. Your mom wasn’t right to hit you, but I can see why she did. No, you can’t get them arrested for this. End of story.

wow, you are a terrible human being…first off, she is your sister and you should love her unconditionally…second, your parents are right, it would have taken a matter of seconds for someone to see your sister by herself, grab her, and be gone and no one would have a clue what happened to her…then it would be YOUR fault she got taken…quit acting like a spoiled brat and think about what you did…what if your mom took you to some huge city you are unfamiliar with, say New York or Chicago or Cincinnati, went in a shop with you and then ran off while you were browsing and left you there on your own…I hope your parents ground you to your room with NOTHING, no phone, no tv, nothing but the wall to stare at and homework to do…you actually deserve to be in jail, and if you were an adult you would be and you would be going to court to decide if you should even keep the child…I don’t agree with the abuse you received, but at the same time if that happened with my kids I would be completely irrational…angry doesn’t even start to describe how I would feel…maybe you need to think seriously about whether or not you want your sister to live to her next birthday…because what you did could have been the end of her…she could have wandered out of the mall in front of a car, gotten kidnapped, fallen down an escalator or something…kids do stupid things, hence why we don’t leave them alone…your mom would be in trouble for leaving your sister with you, but nowhere near as much trouble as you would be for abandoning her…we are talking juvenile hall type stuff here…so quit acting like a spoiled brat b%tch and take some responsibility for what you did…

Uhm, calling the police on your father for something so insignificant?
And it is your fault that the security had gotten involved in the first place by leaving your LITTLE sister in a store.
I really think that you should learn to respect your sister more and grow up a little.

I think you need to learn some respect Ouch. YOu did a bad thing and I see you take no responsibly. I hope you really think about your actions and what could have happened, and apologize.

You were supposed to look after her she’s only 5 wtf is wrong with you?? Did u a actually get offended by the names a five year old called you lmfao. I doubt you’re any older than 10 if you’re actually that irresponsible .. It’s your fault not your mom’s..

You are guilty of child abandonment hope cops get you soon

YOU BOTH ARE HORRIBLE PEOPLE WHO NEED TO GO TO PRISON FOR LIFE!! Your father is a horrible man for hitting you and YOU are a horrible girl for abandoning a FIVE YEAR OLD!!

it’s all your fault and I hope your troll parents beat you with oranges every night for a week.

No but you can stop trolling.

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