Do republicans *want* Obama/America to fail for their own selfish political agenda?

All they do is trash everything Obama says/does. They are wrecking economic confidence more than anything else right now.

Well, that’s not going to happen. Obama warned this recession was going to happen 3 years ago and they laughed at him.
Bush was told about it 2 years ago and he said: I’m not aware that this country is in a recession. Poor Obama walked right into it but I’m sure he is going to get us out of this mess.

Of course,

If he fails, Republicans will get elected. If he succeeds, Republicans won’t get elected.

It also goes both ways.

It was a real trick to get a Republican in office after Clinton. Clinton balanced the budget and had a projected surplus, but the economy started going a bit sour and all the talk about the Monica Lewinsky scandal turned the tide from Gore to Bush in a very close election. So close that Gore won the popular vote and the Supreme Court in FL ruled in favor of Bush.

And 8 years later, this is where we are, worse off than in Jan 20, 2001.

Wrecking economic confidence? Are you joking or are you just stupid?

Who is the guy up there day in and day out preaching depression? That’s right, your president Barack “Depression” Obama. Hell, even Bill Clinton told Obama to tone it down and bit and at least give some positive talk about the economy.

So if we aren’t thrilled to death about this massive spending bill which is not going to work because history has proven it, then we’re just obstructionists. Well hell yes we are….obstructionists to massive government and massive government control.

You liberals make me sick. All you do is just keep turning the language around saying we conservatives want the country to fail because we don’t like Obama’s SOCIALIST policies.

Tell Obama to stop talking depression. The guy acts like he wants one to happen and I’m sure he really does along with the rest of the marxists up there. Then they can get their grubby little hands on every damn thing we do in this country.

Jesus Harold Christ on rubber crutches. Why don’t you get a freaking clue?

Added: This is the republican recession? Let’s show Paul a video everyone. He obviously does not remember which party was for regulating fannie mae and freddie mac and which party was opposed to any regulation. Are you people just stupid or what Paul?…it’s all right here….watch.

Here are your Democrats in 2004 saying there was NO PROBLEM:…

ideally no… yet while Obama brings approximately rules that go blatantly against the Consitution and the bill of Rights… then definite i choose them to fail… only like I did for the guidelines of Bush’s that go against the form and particularly the bill of Rights… Paul.. you certainly might desire to do somewhat diagnosis on the full “Bush’s oversight of Fannie and Freddie ingredient” because of the fact there have been articles that reported that Bush’s administration had to place regulations on Fannie and Freddie as far returned as 2003…. yet wager what it grow to be human beings like Barney Frank and different prodominate Democrats in workplace on the time that screamed and shouted that doing this variety of ingredient grow to be a “Scare Tactic”…. I implore you to hunt the huge apple cases on 9/11/2003 for a beginning factor….

No,we don’t want America to fail. I’m a republican and I want the best for the country and people as a whole.


The Democrats are ignoring every thing business is trying to tell them.

Democrats passed TARP and the markets went down.

Democrats passed the stimulus and the markets went down.

Democrats are talking about taxing businesses more and the market is going down.

Republicans are just doing what Harry Truman did. They are telling the truth and it feels like hell. Republicans recognize that more taxes isn’t what this country needs right now. Republicans realize that business drive the economy. And when the economy does well taxes are generated.

Democrats just don’t listen. Congress is made up of lawyers. Lawyers don’t have a clue what makes the economy run.

I don’t want him to be allowed to implement all of his foolish ideas. Republicans aren’t wrecking anything- Barry Hussein and the DEMOCRATIC congress are doing that all by themselves. Republicans barely figure into the equation at all anymore. Have fun taking the blame. See you in 2010.

Obama is the only outlandish verbal source of economic doom, doom, and more doom.

He is able to fail on his own, thank you very much.

“Smart money” (Wall St.) has no confidence in National Socialism.

Neither do I.

Blame Republicans, blame me if that makes you feel better.

Dems fix blame.

Republicans fix problems.

Yes I want him to fail just like if I had a relative that was selling illegal substance I would want them to fail also because I know no good will come of it.

Actually, Clinton even said Obama is preaching too much gloom..

The market is still collapsing as world wide economist, Bankers and investors react to the massive Multi trillion dollar extra spending spree, that future generations will have to pay for react to a plan they see as dangerous..

The recession was caused by the collapse of Fannie Mae…guess who was warned in three different hearings and said.. “There is nothing wrong at Fannie Mae”…….. Barny Frank, Maxine Waters.

“I think this is a case where Freddie Mac (NYSE:FRE – News) and Fannie Mae (NYSE:FNM – News) are fundamentally sound. They’re not in danger of going under I think they are in good shape going forward.” — Barney Frank (D-Mass.), House Financial Services Committee chairman, July 14, 2008

Lets see..
Billions to build a train from Disney to Vegas
Billions to politicize the Census
Millions for mice in San Fransisco..

and you still wonder why people are worrying?

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