Do society frown upon a man who stays home while the wife works?

Keep in mind, the couple do not have children.

The spouse was laid off and both discovered they like the arrangement. She works and he does all the housework, cooking, etc.

It seems to work for them.

Not frown. The “role” of the man is to be the bread winner and the head of household while the woman maintain the home and nurture the kids. It’s the way it’s been for centuries. Times are changing and the gender roles are switching. Who cares? It doesn’t make him any less of a man.

Honestly, a bit.. It’s just another of those unfair double standards. But, compared to what it would’ve been like in the 50’s, it’s not so bad. Gender roles are bs.

no longer all working mothers and stay at abode mothers are at odds. in spite of each and every thing, it fairly is a decision. i think of maximum folk made the alternative that became ideal for them, and in line with threat they view it as a results of fact the ideal determination universal or can no longer think of it any opposite direction. some persons are opposed on the two element. for sure there became a fashion interior the 70’s with women individuals’s liberation and a shifting financial equipment that placed 60% of girls individuals into the workplace, so for a time it became the two a count number of a women individuals’s rights to pick a profession as her husband does and a kin option to furnish 2 earning. i think of now there may well be a delicate shift lower back in the direction of the advantages of a stay at abode mom for some. in spite of each and every thing, you presently hear of company women individuals leaving a thriving profession to boost their infants . i became a sort of. even although for me, being a stay at abode mom is the ideal determination for my complete kin, i can admire the actual undeniable fact that a minimum of I actually have a decision. additionally I did complete college, I earned my social protection earnings, and that i’ve got signifigant paintings experience if i pick to re-enter the paintings stress. i wish over the years that greater human beings will stumble on a stability that works sturdy for them so there is way less hostility over the difficulty. Now that i’m a stay at abode mom , and having been a working mom, I even have much greater admire for mothers generally- it style of feels we beneficial can do all of it no count number which way we pick. possibly if we shared greater approximately what we’ve in undemanding we would not ought to %. aspects. i’m no longer a monotonous stay at abode mom. We do container journeys, parks, paintings, exterior play, swimming, cooking, gardening, library communities, play communities, examine books, you call it. i think of for me the better area of being a one- time working mom I convey some experience into my abode of coping with time, projects, scheduling, business enterprise, and different skills I found out on the job into my abode. So i’m chuffed for that for myself.

society frowns upon anything nowadays

Probably yeah.

not if the wife is a prostitute

Cuz isn’t that what you b^tches wanted?


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