Do u remember the exact moment u discovered and fell in love with ur favorite band/singer?

It was a long time ago and he only made one album but it was Peter Framton Live. Do you feel like I do. The first time a guitar ever talked.
I was 16 and went to bed with this album every night.

Have several favorites. Each has an impact from the first time hearing:

“For Your Precious Love” – Jerry Butler
“Ain’t Understanding Mellow” – Jerry Butler & Brenda Lee Eager

“After Hours” – Erskine Hawkins

“In The Wee Small Hours..” – Frank Sinatra

“Body and Soul” – Nat King Cole

“Killer Joe” – Quincy Jones

“Caravan” – Duke Ellington

“Tenderly” – Oscar Peterson

“Tenderly” – Sarah Vaughan

“April In Paris” – Count Basie

I fell in love with The Beatles over a period of time. It took me a year to really understand and appreciate them, and learn about them. And now, i am a fanatic.
But i remember i started loving older 60s and 70s music when my mom first played The Monkees.

The Beatles…’64

When I popped HELP! (beatles) into my CD player when I was 10. I listened to the album about 200 times over the next couple months, and then bought the rest of The Beatles, George Harrison, and John Lennon’s discography.

I remember when i first discovered rock an it was Nirvana the first band i loved! I don’t remember the moment but remember the era i live and i knew that i identified with the energy and sweetness and sometimes rage their songs spread.

Yea with Avenged Sevenfold it was hearing the song chapter four. With Evanescence it was watching the bring me to life video and with System of a down it was watching the video Chop Suey 🙂

When i first listend to Help! [the beatles]
my friend had it on one of his playlists
i saw the video on youtube,
looked at more songs,
and then completely fell in love with them
all you need is love =]

Yeah. I heard Smells Like Teen Spirit for the first time at a school dance. Found out who sang it a day later, went out and bought the cd and insatantly fell for NIRVANA!

I was standing in line for the bus. It was foggy and I just started college. I was listening to Radiohead Ok Computer on my headphones. I thought I can’t play this music at a party. I can’t play this music while eating dinner. What kind of music is this? And then it hit me: This music is just for me!

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