Do you think the media shows different types of beauty equally?

Like this video illustrates:

I as b/c I don’t really watch tv much but I do think that every little girl should be able to open a magazine or turn on tv and someone protrayed as beautiful that looks like her (racially).
I’m just asking…

That is true, but we could take it one step further and ask why the media doesn’t show a person that looks like the average person of their race.

It is true that the different types of beauties don’t get the same attention, but then again, it would make more sense to just have someone who looks like the average person of their race instead. But you’re right, not all beauties get the same attention.

-ethnically latino
-racially white

No, not at all. Black women and Asian women are not well represented. It seems like the only women shown are olive-toned or blondes with dark tans.

What is especially annoying in magazines is that everyone is tan/brown…even the redheads and blondes are dark–women AND men. I miss seeing a pale redhead or a brunette with light skin. Beautiful women come in all colors and races…I’d like to see more variety.

I’m white.

The media reflects what the general population feels. Since people (and I have lived all over the world) generally feel that Black women are ugly and stupid, TV programs, print media and electronic media will present women that make people feel comfortable with those stereotypes. BQ: I PERSONALLY feel my best feature is my lips but other people always say my best feature is my hair.

They have but not entirely. They could definitely do more. They show women of different races on the same magazines as White women but not as often. Also commercials in my country seem to be lacking people of different races.

i don’t think it portrays everyone equal. the media seems to portray being blonde and tanned with blue eyes as the best thing on the planet but the fact is that there are a lot of people out there who are gorgeous and they don’t have blonde hair, blue eyes, or a fake tan!!

yes they do show to many white women to much they takin everything that a black woman has braids.and some of these sorry a.. men to they get awarded .show sister’s from the hood hardley ever see any black women but i see why we strong black woman don’t need tans and all that material stuff we are the strongest black women it is so of course white women get props from the original black women and they envy us tv’s are some what racist.

I don’t think people should look to the media to define what pretty is.

Because if you haven’t noticed the media is really biased. On top of that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder so people have different views on beauty.

-I’m black

Tv shows only pretty thin girls , look at barbie dolls little girls think this is how woman should look like

Watch tv for one day and anyone can see this answer. White people are portrayed more on TV. That is why certain races believe that certain issues [for ex. breast cancer] won’t affect them because they don’t see their race represented.

umm, they were mostly showing blacks and mixed blacks on that video, and some few whites.
plus,the blacks there werent even that attractive. just saying my opinion

edit- no you are mistaken. i dont find all black girls to be unattractive, just the ones with dark brown skin, big lips, big cheek bones, flat or wide nose, and an afro.
so i like 5% of the black people i see!
this is pretty.

edit- i think you have been missing my point. i think my color is the best. im not pale like a ghostly european pig, and im not black like an ugly black african human rat, and im not in the middle like a dirty mexican. im fairer then the middle. and im olive. thats the best

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