I missed writing poetry. . . would you forgive me and comment/critique this please?

Okay so I know I said I wasn’t gonna write any more poetry because certain people here like to stamp on my confidence levels, but guys I wanna share something without getting too involved here if that is okay? BTW, L1&L3 the rhyme between “start” and “apart” was unintentional.


Sweet Parisa! I almost forgot
how liltingly that trips off m’tongue!
Where HAVE you been hidin’?
Seems I haven’t seen y’since I was young!

Okay…OKAY…it’s FICTIONAL poetry! LMBO
But I WAS young…ONCET! heh heh

Good t’see y’back, darlin’, cuz your writes continue to warrant “Classic” rating. Vivid, lucid, tangible, nearly…eerily…fun!

In the immortal words of Elmer Fudd: “BWAVO”! (Or am I remembering Bernadette Peters in Blazing Saddles!?! Hmmmmm…)

Hi nice writing i’m so glad, that my favorite story teller is back. On this forum you have to put on your 2 layer’s of tuff skin, if not you will lose your glow, and i refused to accept this. Don’t let the loser get on your nerves. LOL. Your piece flows with words, emotions, images and feelings , very dramatic part of being a human;

“Lottie” watched as mum fainted.
Worse though, informative talks.
A relationship tainted

These verses came to my attention i wonder if it’s what i ‘m wondering about?? Keep on writing God bless!

Interesting and well-presented narrative which moves well and has an effective pay-off.
Keep writing, and be aware of the bullies and numbskulls that infest this site. Thank goodness a small minority, so we can safely ignore them.
Good poem.

I will forgive you for refraining from posting,
You must know a poet needs a thick skin, mine used to be thin as an unborn eggshell. Now however it is hard as a boiled…
so … keep posting them as we enjoy reading.

Forgive you? For what? It is hard to put your work out for the world to see. But listen, if I can post my fumblings and flailings – you certainly can post because you do have a gift. You have a gift for narrative, I have seen it in several of your poems.
So please keep showing us your stuff!
Yay!! That is a cheer for you. 🙂

Aspira, I am sooo happy to see you back w/one of your
wonderful, descriptive poems! Another winner for sure.
You have put together another great poem, and happy
you posted to share with everyone…welcome back! ♥

I LOVED it and I miss writing poetry too which is why I started writing again today…now I’m wondering why I ever stopped. I wrote a poem too and would love if a creative writer such as yourself would take the time to read mine =)

Here’s the link:http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;…

Good poem Aspira. Do not give in to bully boy tactics – keep posting

This was so good! Definitely keep writing!

Angel, you are never far
you came upon me as a Star
dim then bright
I watched you in dark and light.

the most impact I felt was getting to the end
A thing happened to me in the last two days
and I’m so deeply sad.

Hugs you

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