If the Tea party is full of racists and hatred, and violent people, how do you explain this?




First, I think you are looking for a black and white answer. That, IMHO, is not wise. Are ALL Tea Party members racist? By no means! Probably not even a majority of them are. However, can we logically rule out there are NO racists in the Tea Party? No.

To make a blanket statement requires more knowledge then anyone looking on this subject has. It is logical, however, to believe that there may be SOME far Right individuals (KKK, racist types) who may be a part of the Tea Party. But then. we can also logically assert there are probably members of the N.A.A.C.P who hold views that are prejudicial and bigoted to Caucasians. Again though, most likely most N.A.A.C.P members DON’T hold a strong prejudicial, bigoted point of view towards Caucasians.

It seems to me that all too often these issues are obscured by blanket statements on both sides and by attempts to take a complex issue and to reduce it to a simple formula. Unfortunately, people and life dosen’t work that way. BTW, Not all Conservatives are as “Conservative” as others (i.s, moderate conservatives, left center conservatives) as well as “Liberals” all not being very “Liberal” (look at the contrast between a Communist, say, and a left center “Liberal). We need to stop making blanket statements based on prejudice and bigotry and try to use logic and reason instead.

I don’t think the Tea Parties are full of violent people.
My elderly mother attends the local Tea Parties and she’s sweet as pie.
But “following the rules” isn’t usually the best way to get your point across when your method is civil disobedience. No one is reading your sign or button. But when they drag you away in handcuffs screaming at riot police after blocking traffic with your body… well, people pay attention.

Totally agree. Don’t worry about Lefty critics; they don’t know how to tame this tea-party “beast”, which was a creation of their OWN, way-left political agenda.

Also, those “racists” in the crowd… Isn’t it possible that they are plants, courtesy of the Alinsky disciples? I mean, the Tea Party has NOTHING to gain by advertising any sort of racism, and they know it. If there are racists in the Tea Party, they’re in the closet. These overt “bigots” are most likely plants, in my opinion.

Use as mandatory: * “everywhere a possibility flow outdoors the journey of the enemy. right here you prefer to reason confusion, concern and retreat.” * “Make the enemy stay as much as his/her very own e book of regulations. you may kill them with this. they are able to not greater obey their very very own regulations than the Christian church can stay as much as Christianity.” * “Ridicule is guy’s maximum powerful weapon. it truly is very nearly impossible to counterattack ridicule. additionally, it infuriates the competition, who then react on your benefit.” * “The threat is regularly greater terrifying than the element itself.” * “In a combat very nearly something is going. It very nearly reaches the factor the place you give up to make an apology if a wager blow lands above the belt.” * “%. the objective, freeze it, customize it and polarize it.” (think of Gingrich, Lott and the fulfillment of brand-calling utilized by ability of the likes of bill Clinton, Paul Begala, James Carville, Maxine Waters and others against conservatives and Republicans. think of of ways Clinton “enemies” like Paula Jones or Linda Tripp have been dealt with.) * “between the standards for choosing the objective is the objective’s vulnerability … the different significant evaluate the figuring out on of a purpose is that that’s going to be a personification, no longer some thing prevalent and precis.” (Trent Lott includes ideas. meanwhile, a former Klansman by ability of the call of Sen. Robert Byrd have been given away with saying “ni##er” on Fox information a minimum of thrice, and he nevertheless keeps his Senate seat and ability.) * “The enemy precise goaded and guided in his reaction would be your important power.” working example, Democrats recommend conservatives are racists or that Republicans prefer to kill senior voters by ability of proscribing the upward push of the Medicare equipment, they recommend Republicans prefer to disclaim young toddlers lunch funds without offering actual data. those purple-herring strategies paintings.

Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals. Personalize it, then Demonize it.

There is none. It’s just liberals slandering a threat. Nothing new. Look at what they did to Palin.

It is the way of the Liberal mindset to demonize anyone who embraces freedom and the American spirit.

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the thing that you say isn’t proof… lol

just because it’s on the magic computer box… doesn’t make it true…

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