If we went to war with Iraq because we suspected they had WMD’s…?

Why aren’t we invading North Korea. Besides the obvious, I know we are already embroiled in one war and our Armed Forces are overextended as it is. The point is, we Don’t attack nations if we Know they have WMD’s, because we don’t want to force them to use them, hence the cold war. By that logic, we…

No reason to invade North Korea, yet. We needed to knock out Iraq and move our military presence there from Saudi Arabia. Our exit strategy has been to create a stable democratic secure government. Harder than we thought. Should have followed strategy in Philippine Insurrection, i.e., secure borders and disarm population. North Korea has China needing it as a buffer state and we don’t want to put South Korea at risk without their consent. Clearly two different situations that is difficult for partisans to discern.

Bush invaded Iraq. Clinton did now not. the challenge on the time of Bush’s invasion replace into no count selection selection if Iraq had WMDs. Iraq did now not. The UN inspectors who’ve been in Iraq on the time have been begging for extra time to end their inspections. They weren’t looking any WMDs. Bush replace into desirous to invade for reasons that had now not something to do with WMDs. The UN inspectors had to circulate away before polishing off their inspections. the whole challenge replace into disgraceful. Bush’s invasion had greater beneficial to do with Saddam switching from petrodollars to petroeuros and denying destiny oil contracts to US and British companies. evaluate what definitely passed off and don’t attempt to justify the unjustifiable strikes of the Bush administration in accordance with previous strikes that have been outdoors of the appropriate time-physique and the placement man or woman-friendly concern concerns have been indoors the techniques-set of being resolved.

North Korea is no threat to israel, which is the largest holder of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons in the hemisphere.

Of course international law goes out the window whenever you try to hold israel to the same standards as everyone else on the planet.

And as someone else pointed out, North Korea has no oil. As for them having a million man army, so did Iraq. You can’t make a lot of conclusions based on headcount alone.

The bush Administration “is” interested in North Korea. And there is no way to “know” if someone has WMDs. Take Al Quaeda for example. We know they do have them, (Antrax in letters sent to officials) but we don’t know how they got them. They just couldn’t take the chance of him selling them to Al Quaeda or any other Terrorist group.

And the cold war was greatly influenced by the Russians my friend.

ur logic is quite nice n I also think it had something to do wid the Islam,Oil and strategic location of Iraq.It was also the Personal vengence of the bush family.

nice logic……if U.S.A. trys to invade Korea…..There would be a million over coilation….everyone hates North-korea.Even INDIANS!!!!!

Saddam’s removal was more imperative. Where Al Qaeda killed a few thousand durinf their history, Saddam killed MILLIONS during the course of his reign. There’s no telling what bright ideas he was getting after 9/11. Even though he wasn’t involved with 9/11, its a good dynamic to be rid of….but it sucks its as f’d up over there as it is NOW.

That wasn’t the ONLY reason. The other reason was due to them not following the resolutions set by the UN. Such as letting inspectors into Iraq for years.

The answer is obvious: Bush is scared to do anything now. He is the worst sort of “lame duck” president and he is going to now throw the baby out with the bath water to try to save doing anything the least bit unpopular.

He has messed up the office of the president and also the republican party. Now, that it is too late, they are shutting the “barn door” on him; but the horse got out long ago.

Because North Korea is crazy enough to drop their military on us (over a million men) and use their nuclear weapons on south korea and japan.

Cheney doesn’t care how stupid that Bush ends up looking.

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