Is Russia planning to nuke America? Is Iran or China plaaning to nuke us as well? HOW WILL WE LIVE!!!!?

I saw this artile saying that Russia is targeting us, and also IRan is developing nuclear weapons now WHAT THE HECK!!!! Why is it we cannot live it peace, I don’t want to die!!! Why aren’t we being told this WAY ACROSS THE NEWS????? Aren’t we, the people, being targeted??

Yes, you are being targeted as well as Russia being targeted by USA.
But it doesn’t mean that both Russians and Americans will push the button.

Both countries had 70 years to do it and we are still both alive.

1) Russia has had 70 years to nuke us if they wanted to, 50 of which they were our enemies. Today, they may not be our allies, but they are far more friendly towards us.

2) Iran MAY be developing nuclear weapons, there is no proof of it. Even if they DO develop them, they have NO delivery systems to get them all the way to the United States.

3) China does have nuclear weapons but absolutely NO desire to use them on us. If they wanted to destroy us, all they would have to do is switch their currency backing from the US dollar to the Euro and call in their debts on us (we owe them more than a 1/3 of our debt). That would bankrupt us and destroy our country overnight.

What protects us from nuclear war is MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction). Next to Russia, the United States has the largest nuclear arsenal. Anyone that is suicidal enough to attack us, would be a glass sheet before their missiles even hit us. So while we may lose some cities, they would lose their entire country, whomever “they” may be.

Russia, nope. They just got some sand in their vaginas about the missile shield which is to stop any ICBM from hitting European countries, which the Russian President is threatening to launch missiles at a anti-missile site, not pretty smart is it? But however doing this would cause the EU and the US to cut off diplomatic connections with Russia and stop trade which would destroy their economy.
China is basically the same, China’s Economy depends on the American Economy, they attack and their economy will fall and probably kill off a lot of their population.
Iran is easily outmatched to start any war against the US or EU.

Time magazine did a quiz back in the 70’s. The reader was asked to match up the elected government which had been over thrown with the perpetrators. You got to pick between the USA and USSR.

The USA “according” to Time had over thrown more elected governments than the “EVIL” commies. Today the USA is the largest terrorist organization on the planet. Why is everybody targeting you?

It’s because you are a bunch of psychopathic homicidal bullies.

Yeah most likely, i don’t think Russia will though, if they plan to nuke someone, everyone will die because of the radiation anyways, contaminated water and airborne illness . so yeah

Shame to know scare tactics, well planned marketing, and a good amount of brainwashing actually works. Why are there so many stupid ones in America?

well, get legally/illegally drugged up and just watch the pretty colors sear us all away……weeeeee

All news is fear news nowadays. Please get a grip. Either promote surrender now? Or, help assure our military is too strong to consider attack? The old MAD policy.

NATO(USA) is allied with EAPC(Russia)


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