Lebron fans, miami is whos team?

Wtf lebron, 2 points in the 4th qtr, so much for being theself proclaimed “king” “chosen one” “best player in the nba” what a f*@king joke.

im pissed, AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its still Shaqs team, “Wade couldn’t do with out shaq, Wade tell me what Shaq’s As$ taste”

2 games left & he plays much better in Miami, I predict Lebron/Wade will each get 30 pts in game 6 but Mavs will win in 7.
Your Truly~MJ

the heat and there fans are so dysfunctional. YOUR ON THE SAME TEAM DUMBASS.vyou better hope lebron preforms in the next two games because apparently they don’t win when he doesn’t.

Wade has definitely hurt us badly. He is truly a talented player, all around.

it call wade county for a reason . Lebron has no heart, Wade is clearly playing harder than him .

i think mavs will win in match 6.

its mickey harrison’s..

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