POLL FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS – do you take your laptop to school?

– Do u use it for notes and stuff
– is it odd to do this?
– does anyone you know take their laptop to school?

i was thinking about buying a laptop to take notes on for high school, but i don’t want to be the only person to do it….idk just wondering thankss

Nope. And no one I know does it. Except for yearbook people. But that’s not to take notes. 🙂

It’s funny though cause in class today we were taking notes and I was thinking that exact same thing. Then I realized I’d look weird.

Well at my school no one takes there lap top to school. The odd person might use it in the library but other then that if a computer is needed they will provide one for you.

i bring mine sometimes. Almost everyone that i know that has a laptop brings it because it is easyer to take notes and junk. Its not nerdy…..unless you have nerdy backgrounds on your computer and or a nerdy skin for your laptop.

hm well i dont do it, and actually now that im thinking about it, ive never seen anyone bring it to school. my school would probably freak out and think you were going on myspace….or yahoo answers…and not paying attention

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