Poll: Is there any truth to the old addage that academics are often the worst offenders for poor spelling?

And I was going to add, grammar mistakes (but I ran out of characters).

My old English teacher used to say this often, citing that solicitors, doctors and high flying business people were often so busy that they had to dash things off quickly, leaving their secretaries to proof read most of their work.

A case…

I was an adult returning student at college so I spent a lot of time talking to PhDs after class in their offices and stuff and what I noticed is that some of the smartest people have the foulest frickin language. When I read your details it just sounds like you’re trying to be pedantic and sound smart and really bro, it’s not working. Anyways, with personal correspondence there are no rules; you write like you’re talking to them in person so the rules of punctuation and capitalization don’t apply. It also has nothing to do with how smart a person is or how educated they are it’s just communicating, and communicating is always done to the level that both parties get the understanding. You’re not trying to win an essay contest, you’re talking to a friend.

Well counter all you want there slick, you’re still not aware enough to realize that you’re trying to ask a serious question in Polls and Surveys…a category totally run by trolls and jokesters, the most common questions being, “Am I pretty?” and, “Rate me 1-10?” Note that there is no, “Top Contributor,” badge in Polls and Surveys as even Yahoo! knows this category is a joke. Hop your happy butt over to Higher Education or something known for intelligent discourse if you want serious, life-affirming answers to your obvious heart-felt, important-to-you question. Leave it here if you want answers akin to, “Your mom,” or, “So’s your mom,” if you prefer. Okay, clear that up then? Besides, you asked about personal correspondence and I actually gave you a half-way serious answer. Be happy you didn’t get my usual P&S answer. Obviously you cannot understand American sarcasm or frivolity, and if you stay around here you’re going to get yourself all in a snit.

LOL, you imply affect your spelling and writing. Outcomes is a noun. Your disability had an outcomes on you. The disability can affect one’s grammar and writing. “can’t” needs an apostrophe. It is a contraction. The apostrophe takes the situation of the letter “o.” Your query is also grammatically wrong. It must read: “Why IS there a lot bad grammar, spelling, and writing in this discussion board? Who’re the worst offenders?” You need a verb in there. There desires to be a comma after the words “grammar” and “spelling” (Commas are used to separate gadgets in a sequence.) you might have much more than Spelling error to hold down to a minimum. Incidentally, are you a member of one of the most corporations of which you’re being so significant? You’re making Christians appear even worse with this put up! If you can dish it out, you had better be in a position to take it, pal. I say this most effective for the reason that you selected to criticize people who use negative grammar and write incorrectly.

I’d later elaborate with examples, so please don’t resolve it before.

Most schools are English medium these days, where all the teachers have got to speak in English. But some of them aren’t really good at it, though English teachers are.

Some jokes famous about English as spoken by P.T teachers:
-Open the window and let the atmosphere come in.
-I have 2 daughters, both are girls.
-Give me a red pen of any color. etc.

My Physics teacher has poor English, but he prefers speaking in Hindi more often, cause that’s our mother tongue. Another Physics teacher of our school speaks in such a manner that it sometimes makes you laugh. I mean he has no idea about anything called grammar.
But another English teacher, sometimes while teaching, he uses a word but then himself has to tell us about its meaning.
Same goes with Maths teacher.
As of Chemistry teacher, it’s Ok with him.

Usually primary teachers aren’t like that, but in higher classes in school, a lot of teachers have studied through other mediums, and got to learn English later. Like once my Physics teacher told us that he used to be a bright student, but after high-school he suffered a lot cause earlier he had studied in hindi meduim.

BTW, rather than some, most of your contacts are from other nations.

I would agree to that, to some extent. I believe poor spelling is more often the result of laziness than a lack of education.

You may be right.When I was in 6th class my teacher asked me how to spell ‘grenadier’ because he didn’t know.
Methinks Johnny Whatsit got out of bed the wrong side today.

Not seen that. But worse handwriting and bad manners? Yes!!!

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