What happened to my wireless internet connection and computer?

Something weird happened to my computer and I’d like to know what it was.
I’m using a wireless router and adapter and was online earlier, I know for a fact I didn’t press anything but my computer just restarted itself by itself. I know I didn’t do anything so why did it do that?

I looked over at the…


Wireless adaptors have a tendency to do funny things at times, but not normally unless you frequently experience problems.

You mentioned the weather- really nasty weather like fog (in the house lol) can affect it, as can local electrical discharges etc (lightning). Ofcourse, that’s a bit doubtful that it happened. If you’ve been having bad weather what MIGHT have happened is that you had a split-second power-cut at your house, which explains the restart of the computer, and also (depending on your wireless router), the possible resetting of the router.

If you yourself are having troubles connecting to your system, then it’s highly unlikely that anyone else is hacking into your system. Most routers use passwords anyway, and if you have one set up you’ll be in no trouble.

Sorry to be so vague with the answers, but wireless problems exist in literally hundreds of different forms, so it’s really very hard to fix without specifics.

Try to connect yourself to the router by ethernet cable (some routers have to have a tickbox set -not default- to be able to be accessed wirelessly). If still no luck, just try resetting everything to do with the wireless connection (on both the router and your system), and start again.

I use a WPA key of 63 random characters.
I use MAC filtering (only allows added cards access).

That’s pretty secure. 🙂

My PC reset once tonight. Just a Windows XP tantrum thing with Explorer and Media Player. They happen sometimes.

The other month my broadband stopped working for an hour. It was their end not mine, maintenance probably. Are very rare occurrences.

Try changing the channel number in the router of the signal. I’m on the default 11, but sometimes they work better on a different channel. This can cause drop outs and interference until you find the best one for your location.

However, if the number you usually use, works normally, go back to that one if no real improvement with changing this.

It might just be being annoying today.
My Repeater signal was saying Low earlier when normally is Excellent. Now it says Very Good. They do that.

Sometimes, turning the router off, waiting 30 seconds and turning the router on again helps. I had an issue where iTunes wouldn’t see their Store suddenly once. Tried my previous backup, did lots of things. All it was was my router was needing a reboot.

I think it’s just that some wireless connections aren’t that strong. When you set up a wireless connection the first time you bought your computer, that should be the strongest network. Other connections won’t work as strong. You could also try moving the computer in a different position to test where a stronger connection is located at. If you want a stronger connection, you can disconnect all the other networks you have and use the main network. That way you won’t have other networks interfering with your main network.

Really the only people who can properly help you with this is your internet provider. Try calling them and asking what you asked as I am sure someone will help you.

There is all sorts of thing you could try as the people before have stated however your provider will be able to help for sure.

If you dont know what number to call try and find out a bill theres allways their number on there..
or you could try their website if you fail to find a bill.

And after if your worried still I would advice you upgrade to Windows Vista which dont restart/shut down randomly plus it handles your internet connection alot better. Plus its alot safer than XP so alot of things that get past XP wont get past Windows Vista.

Another good thing about Windows Vista is you can report these sort of things if there is anything going on after Windows Vista has blocked it from your PC.

And then if your still sitting there not happy you can install Prevx 2 which is a really good anti Malware program which works on XP and Windows Vista.
Plus you could try Avast antivirus which covers all most anything which could harm your computer plus when you first install when you PC comes back on before it even starts it removes all the harmful things on your PC so it wont have chance to start up.

Really do help this helps you =]

Computers some times behave dumb.It would have got set by now .. need not be so worried .But I guess you have a password for the wireless you are using so that no one can access.If not then secure it now or change the password and run an anti spyware on ur computer to check..

If still you feel worried just reinsatll the relative driver …or restore your computer to a previous point. (I hope you know that your computer keeps on recording the current state at particular intervals and you can always restore your computer to that point) I hope you know how to do that.Or else I can help you out with that too..

try reinstalling the drivers, reset the router, and put a wep on the router

hope this helps
good luck

dude, this happend to my computer my regualar thing lol, the big router… well unplug that and also unplug the dsl or whatever youhave then unplug the phones wait for like 10 minutes so it cools down and plug ’em back in.

Could be a power surge.

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