Why does donald trump think obama wasnt born here when he’s shown his birth certificate?

Obama has released his birth certificate many times,even when you google it you can see it. the governer of hawaii even said documents show that he was born here. a certificate of live birth is what everyone born in hawaii gets. if it wasnt accurate no one from hawaii would be able to br president. why cant people…

The Donald is an publicity-seeking egomaniacal opportunist who is attempting to appeal to the far-far-right-wing extremists, pandering like the arrogant simpleton he is. The guy is an abomination—a germophobe who is afraid of shaking hands because of germs. Trump is so bloated-to-bursting with his own ego and self-interests he is surely poised to get hoisted many times over on his own lying petard.

You are correct…President Obama’s birth certificate has been online since the 2008 campaign, and if he were not a man of color this would not even be an issue. I’d like to know what assets Trump HID from his wives when he was divorcing them…how ethical and honest is he? I’d say not so much.

See, in case you may examine… and judging from the intelligence of your query i will guess “somewhat” you will locate the somewhat delivery certificates in this web site. So can Trump, and for that be counted the different idiotic Tea social gathering member with a grudge over a black president. Trump is an idiotic, toupe√© donning pimp who have been given prosperous placing undesirable black families out of their properties. he’s a comedian tale of a individual and the only reason human beings watch his terrible certainty software is a similar human interest rule of thumb that motives dumb human beings to rubberneck over a freeway twist of destiny. the unhappy factor is that a great style of the anti-Obama human beings can not even arise with an clever argument wo they carry onto this delivery certificates factor that’s been shown to be fake time and time lower back. Pathetic. are you able to relatively not arise with something extra useful? in all probability not… doubt you own the intelligence. yet there that’s… enable somebody besides your redneck mum and dad domicile-college you and you’re waiting to envision it! P.S. according to threat we ought to continuously have had Bush prepare that he genuinely graduated college… or Kindergarten for that be counted! word how plenty he struggled over the bright prose of “My puppy Goat”?

They’re is no difference what so ever between a certificate of live birth and a birth certificate, and if he wasn’t born in the U.S what difference does it make? He was raised here, went to school here, and was elected by congress fairly. Why don’t people just call birthers what they really are, racist.

If you’re born in a hospital, the attending doctor will sign a real birth certificate, and it’s on file in Hawaii.

What if you’re not born in a hospital, perhaps at home. Then one of your relatives will report the birth. That report will be kept on file too.

When you request a certificate of your birth, they go to the vault to see what’s there. Then they produce a “certificate of live birth”. That’s what is on the internet. But we don’t know what that information is based on. It could be a real birth certificate created by a doctor, or it could just be an assertion by a grandmother.

What we want to know is, does Obama have a real hospital birth certificate, or was he born in Kenya and someone reported the live birth that could have happened in Kenya?

Only Obama can release what is on file in Hawaii. But he won’t do it. Why? He could make all the “birthers” eat crow, but he won’t do it.

Because Trump’s an idiot and is courting the birther vote.

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