Why were many Americans in favor of going to war with Mexico?

They knew the only way to annex Texas was to declare war on Mexico.

They believed it was necessary in order to gain more territory.

They needed territory where Native Americans from the East could be resettled.

They thought that defeating Mexico would lead to the possession of Oregon.

Wrong on all accounts.

Texas was independent from Mexico. Annex of Texas to the United States is the U S and Texas business.

The gain of territory is the aftermath of the conflict.

Native Americans were forced to resettle during President Andrew Jackson Term. The war was after President Jackson term.

Oregon possession was something between the U S and Great Britain.


Why were many Mexicans in favor of war with the Americans plains Indians? They believed it was the only way to annex Texas into mexico. The beleived it was necessary in order to gain new territory. They needed territory to relocate Mexican Indians from the south. They thought that defeating the Indians would lead to possession of Oklahoma and Kansas.

Hiram Ulysses Grant eighteenth President of the United States (1869-1877):

“The occupation, separation and Annex [of Texas] was … a conspiracy to acquire territory of which slave states might form an american union”

“I think there’s been a war more unjust like the U.S. did to Mexico, was to follow the bad example of European monarchies”

Wrongful like all wars.

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And later on, we PURCHASED land from Mexico that now creates the Arizona/New Mexico border with Mexico, yet Mexicans claim we stole it from them.

By the way, your answer is none of the above.

two words: Manifest Destiny.

Having wars is the only way the Gun manufactors can make the best money.

homework? “rememeber the alamo” is why.

One of the above….

the alamo

MEXICO needs to ba a state….

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