Are you a sign that likes these 5 songs? Sun/Moon/Rising?

Tell me if you like any of these music. What you think about them. If you heard them before?

Just sharing some of my good music! lol so listen up. I just recently found some songs that I haven’t heard in a long time. Maybe you would remember it too.

Song 1
“Words” – Missing…

Song 1 Words
I like the sound of it and I’ve not heard it before. The sound and energy of it could really grow on me. But I’m really particular about lyrics and try and avoid any negativity as music can affect me so much. So No one listens any more I might as well talk to a wall , I’d rather not listen to those lyrics within music I listen to. I appreciate how people feel that sometimes though about words but I don’t want to induce it in myself . Other lyrics within the song I do like . (Venus/ neptune aspect, Pisces Moon, Sun Virgo)

Song 2 Paralyser

Yes I really like this song, I’ve not heard it before. That would be tuning into my Venus in Scorpio, venus pluto aspect.

Song 3 I will wait for you –
I like it – all that power and drama.

Song 4 Are friends electric.

Yes I’ heard it before but I don’t like how it sounds, too tinny for me.

Song 5 Red Red Wine
I’ve heard this one before too and it’s nice to be reminded of it. I like the sound of it but not as much as the others I like.

Thanks for sharing and posting the links.

I actually know all of those songs except for the first one. I first heard Are Friends Electric when I was playing Need For Speed: Carbon because it’s on the soundtrack. I liked it and downloaded it right away. The first time I heard that Connie Frances song was, yes, on Futurama and I went in search of it too. I’ve always loved UB40. I didn’t like the Paralyzer song at first but it grew on me. As far as the first song, it’s alright. I loved the 80’s but it’s a little TOO 80-ish for me.

I only like Paralyzer.. I’m more into rap and r n b

Libra Rising. Gemini Rising. Libra Moon.

Hi. I like them all except 5. 4 is the best one. 80s electronica rules!

i’m into heavy metal but i have heard paralyzer, and i know that’s a kickass song.

the music video is really interesing. it’s not ur normal pop dancing with those retarded bi*ches like Danity Kane or the pussy cat dolls… it’s just quirky movements.

cancer sun
aries rising

I do not like any one of those songs.

Cancer, Scorpio moon, Aquarius rising.

i haven’t heard numbers 1,2, or 3 in a long time

That is one eclectic mix of songs…


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