Did the male contraceptive pill ever get off the ground and would you fellas use it?

i’d take it.
Coz i think its only fair tat we share da responsibility y’no.
but im nice like tat an tats y my gf loves me! ; )

Although both sexes should be responsible for contraception, the main responsibility lies with the woman, she’s the one who could potentially be left holding the baby.

Obviously if the couple are in a long term relationship then fair enough.

It’s a nice idea in theory, but I would never trust a guy to be vigilant about taking the Pill. It’s not their body that gets pregnant after all!

Would you seriously trust a man to take it ladies? I wouldn’t!

They can’t even remember to put the seat down again… why would they remember to take a pill, unless it was shaped like a can and had some beer inside?

Get off the ground? How heavy is it? Do you take it after a bath cos I can/t drink a bath.

You’d think that guys would jump at the chance to have pregnancy prevention in their hands. That would mean no more women “trapping” them.

Women are still predominantly buyers of condoms. Can’t see the pattern changing any soon.

That would be great that means women would no longer need to keep putting chemicals into their bodies.

They may use it but to actually trust a guy to remember to take it everyday is somethng else!

we discussed it and my boyfriend would use it as im illergic to the female pill and i hate using condoms they are dry out too quick.

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