How does one “find God”?

I thought the claim was that God is omnipresent. wouldn’t that make God inescapale and obvious?

If there was a deity who desired to control us there would be no need to find him. There would only be the need to fight for the ability to think independent thoughts.

That deity does not exist but, unfortunately, many sheeple have been brainwashed into believing that nonsense.

People miss the obvious all the time. In fact, this is the norm. I’m not saying you’ll find God if you keep looking, only that omnipresence doesn’t necessarily mean omnidetectability.

He’s in your imagination. Santa Claus used to be there, as did the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, etc. These false gods were placed there by your evil parents to lead you astray but you have cast them out.

Now imagine the real God in their place. With a big bushy beard and bushy eyebrows… like your grandfather but minus the stench of alcohol and cigar smoke. Yes… nice… Makes you feel like someone’s taking care of you, doesn’t it? Lie there in his arms. Sweet.

You’ll get your just rewards in heaven, sweeties. Don’t try to stand up for justice here on Earth. God will do that on judgement day.

It’s easy to find god, just call 1-800-OH MY GOD (646-9463)
. . . make an appointment and a representative will contact you at a later date . . .

Diving rod.

(I hope no one beat me to the punch on this joke.)

Um, people are taking this question seriously…

The fundies are out like a swarm of bees today.

You must cast true sight and being at least a 12th level cleric.

You find God the same way you find anything. Look in the right place. You’ll be surprised just how close He is.

God finds you, as a shepard finds the lost dont do anything but accept him when he does knock on the door to your heart..Be still..listen, and Know that I am God..psalms, David who wrote it, is telling you something.

I think it works like those lamps….”the Clapper.”
Try clapping and see what happens.
Maybe that’s what people mean when they say the see the light.

You are quite right, God isn’t missing. Rather, He is wanting to find you.

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