Would you date a guy that drives a scion xb?

I know it sounds super super shallow and bad but i really dont like those cars at all and he drives one.
i mean he is so nice and sweet and cute but damn i wish he didnt drive that.
what would you do?

What difference does it make? It’s a way to get around. A guy’s car has nothing to do with his personally or looks. Date him and ignore the fact that you’re being driven in a Scion.

Are you going to date the car or the guy? If you are so concerned with the car that you don’t even pay attention to the guy, maybe you shouldn’t even think to go out with him. Believe me, you would be doing HIM a favor.

You are to shallow to be dating anyone.

Grow up, then worry about finding someone who you can love no matter what they drive.

do HIM a favor and don’t date him. YOU are a waste of his time and money that could be spent on his xB At least he chose a vehicle with personality

It sure beats walking, taking the bus or driving around in a rusty something or other.

At least he has a car and doesn’t waste your gas.

i would stop being so shallow and go out with him

Do you like him for him or are you more into his car?

Don’t answer this folks. It’s a troll. Very funny.

I don’t care what car he drives.

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