What can u guys tell me about the lexus GS 2005-2006?

I’m going to buy a new car this month by Christmas…I want to buy a Lexus GS 300 2005-2006. I just need some help and information on it…how is the car good? is it reliable? and suff like that…kk thanks alot…

If I was you….I’d either spend the few extra grand or step back a few years and for the same price get the GS400 if not the GS430.

The GS300 is good…but it is a V6…..and once you own this car you WILL want the V8 version as its purely unreal.

I have worked for Lexus and now around Lexus since 1995. All the models are unreal in quality, style, craftsmanship, speed, luxury, ride, etc.

The old GS was a dog of the family….from its birth till 1998 it couldn’t get out of its own shadow. But then Lexus breathed life into her and she became a beast that will hold her ground against the corvette package camaro let alone a corvette. She will tear up any mustang and no honda nor acura can even keep in her dust on turns and curves.

If you turn off traction control and overdrive….she will sit and roll smoke for as long as you have your foot in it. She will even shift gears and continue to smoke the tires….she is pure horsepower.

For turns and curves there are over 16 computers controling the ride height, tension, traction, braking, etc. She will wiggle through a snake road like a tiny 2 seater roadster even though she’s a good size 4 door sedan. You will get 100% response from the wheel in the turns like no other car you have driven. Don’t be afraid to push her as she will handle more than you can even first imagine.

I won’t say much about the quality, quietness, ride comfort as that is just a given being a Lexus…and the GS will treat you like royalty.

There is a defintion to Lexus:

L – Luxury
E – Exotic
X – + sign knocked over as a Lexus went by
U – Unreal
S – Speed

My dream car is a GS430 in Blackberry Midnight Pearl on black leather. Rarest color scheme of them all and the sharpest of them all.

Borrow or rent a GS300 for a day….then go do the same for the GS400 or GS430….you won’t sit in the GS300 again. Gas mileage isn’t much of a difference between the two, nor is insurance, maintenance, etc. Maintenance isn’t an issue with Lexus anyway. Lease car of all to see shop time.

I cannot stress how much you will enjoy this Lexus….it will re-ignite your driving passion and love. You will not want to get out of the car and you will seek out any curvy road just for the kicks of it.

She is in her own class to any 3 or 5 series BMW and I balk at anyone who can even put a Benz near her. Audi’s are Ford Escorts to these….and no stock Mustang, Camaro, Corvette will give you effort if you turn off the luxury to bring out the beast.

Enjoy the ride!

ive had this car same year model i sold it it is very horrible and if your going to spend the money buy a Mercedes. mine had two recalls and i had to take it for a new lexus engine transplant in 6 months because the engine was bad also the locks failed in two months and i dont comute i travel 15 minutes from work and back and i buy groceries once a week which is 5 minutes away from my work my friends had some of the same problems

Lexus is rated top quality overall – The GS300 gets better mileage than the V8 which is good. Probably better to go to www.lexus.com for more info.

This is the CarsGuide website with information about each seperate car. Hopefully this helps you!

To get more reliable facts about the car why don’t you go to their website?

My mother has one and she likes it.

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