Advice for aftermarket deck or iPod integration for a 2004 Pontiac grand prix gtp?

I have a 2004 Pontiac grand prix gtp and I need to get an iPod hookup to the cars sound system. I would get a cd deck but don’t know how to put one in when I have the air controls on that panel and I need to keep the 8 disc cd changer. Is there a stereo converter for my car that can fit an aftermarket deck and…

The only option I see that allows you to keep your stock stereo will also take away your ability to use your CD changer.…

An aftermarket install is possible and even though your temp setting appear to be one piece they are not. Goto and select “outfit my car” it will give you all the parts you will need.

Keep in mind that replacing your stereo will be expensive! In addition to a new deck you will probably need a dash kit, wiring harness, antenna adapter, RAP module (if your radio stays on with key removed/doors closed). Also if you have radio controls on your steering wheel that is another module you’ll need.

The most economical option is linked above, or use an FM modulator.

hello, if you would like to keep the 8 CD changer,, then an aftermarket deck would not be compatible. however, if you are willing to loose the 8 CD changer, you have allot of options. i would consider video/DVD/mp3 / GPS compatible which can be found on ebay for around 200$. keep in mind it would cost about another 100$ to install . my personal recommendation, if you are simply wanting to play your music off of your iPod/iPhone. purchase the radio transmitter from a best-buy with warranty. you will be spending allot less. also, when purchasing one, it would be best to buy one that also charges your iPod form your cigarette lighter and a brand name one would be best for quality sound. i posted a link below for one from apple. with 2 apples you cant go wrong :)..hope it helps.

get a flux capacitor

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