Gifts for nursing home patients?

Hi there! So I have a nursing home right next to my school, and I thought it might be nice to go and visit people, maybe bring them a little something, do something with/for them around the holidays. I know alot of times people are lonely, so I just thought it might be nice. I got a group of another 15-19 high…

Once you make the contact with the nursing home – you will be able to decide.

Since you have the schoolgirls who are interested – it would be good to include them with a decision of what to do.

Poinsettia’s for the visiting area and the nurses station would be affordable.

A gift for each and every patient would be very costly.

Singing and playing instruments make for nice entertainment.

When my mother-in-law was in our nursing home – we took care of her.

But there are some residents that have no one. Some are on special diets.Some may need clothing etc..

We took care of all of – all of my mother-in-laws needs. —- Some have no one to care at all.

If – you want to do for all – you can hang a Christmas Stocking on their door or on their wall – with small bottle of lotion inside.


Home made cookies go over good if the home allows them. You can make 2 types, one w sugar and one w Splenda for the diabetic ppl.
Go on line for recipes, dont use nuts as ppl with dentures have a hard time with them. Make sure you ask the head nurse and activities director if this would be ok.
Also, ask the activities director at the Home what would be a good idea to bring. The music is a wonderful thing. I have seen first hand how the seniors in a nursing home love music, Thank you and your friends for sharing your talents with them. Be sure to introduce yourselves one by one, by name at the beginning or end if there is not too huge a group of you. Please dont be offended if a couple ppl seem unappreciative, some cannot hear well or may be losing their memories. But usually the activities directors know which ppl will enjoy this. The activities director really is your best source of info on this question. God bless you and the others for doing this. Also dont forget that these ppl will enjoy more of this at other times than the Holidays when there is lots of entertainment. Maybe you could do a monthly event, and ask whether your school will give you extra credit or document that you have done this for your college application. (but I know thats not your reason for doing it).Again God bless you and the others, you are very thoughtful young ppl. Good acts return to you in some way, I wish you all wonderful holidays. take care and have fun with this.

That is such a sweet idea, that I know would be appreciated. I have lived in a senior environment
for almost two years, and of the five residents in the home where I live, three never have a visitor
and they never get gifts for Christmas. I’m not even sure, if they decorate for the holidays here.
I had to prod to get them to serve a Thanksgiving dinner here, and my husband made the side
foods that are traditional. Or it wouldn’t have been a traditional dinner.
I was thinking of checking with a church that may have a program where they take contributions
to take a small gift to each of the ladies here. You could pass out the gifts to everyone, and then
go around and talk to a few people sitting close together. The beginning of their lunch or dinner
time, would be the best way to get all of the people together in the dining room. You could ask the
director of the facility, if you can or should visit with those who are under a ‘bed rest’ condition.
Maybe you could make some small table top ‘trees’ for an end table, or to place on their chest of
drawers, that might bring some cheer. Check with your craft store for ideas. You could buy some
miniature decorations by the package to decorate with. Or make tiny ones yourself. Or even tiny
paper chains to drape over them. Or make something to drape over their door that’s festive. They
could be a craft made by gradeschool children to donate. Don’t rule out something made using
spare fir boughs to sprinkle spray glue and glitter and some hand made decorations to glue on them
and place them on the window sill to enjoy. The slightest decoration can make a room festive. I know.

I suggest you ask when you get your permission to come visit. They may suggest cookies or something like that. Or, they may have another idea. One thing that many seniors appreciate is a carry-bag that ties to a walker or wheelchair. Those aren’t hard to make, but do take a little time.

It might also be a super-nice idea to go once every 4-5 weeks or so. The residents love visits any time, and sometimes do get extra attention around the holidays. January is often let-down month for many of them. If you could go back then, it would probably be appreciated.

Ask the nursing home to poll the residents and find out what their reading interests are. Then buy books and magazines that reflect their tastes. But do put together an act for them. Performing music for them will be greatly appreciated. Also try having them sing along to old standards they would be familiar with. I did something very similar when I was a teenager. The youth group from my Church went to different nursing homes and sang for them, then we visited individually with the residents. It brought a lot of joy into their lives. The elderly residents suffer unrelenting boredom so you will be like a breath of fresh air for them. God bless you.

You have a very nice idea. People will be happy to have someone visit them, most of all. You might have your students create home-made greeting cards to give to each resident. They would enjoy those, and could hang them up to enjoy over the holidays; and they wouldn’t have to worry about how to store more stuff. An hour of Christmas caroling would be loved a lot too.

Your time. Imagine how many of those folks never have a visitor.
Or if it has to be a physical item get them nice warm sock or have the kids paint or draw pictures for them and then deliver them in person.

A handmade bookmark or two; a notepad with a little flower, butterfly, or smiley face drawn in the corner of each page; small picture frames decorated in some way.

I donated a bunch of slippers, hand cream, word cross puzzles, and books and magazines to our local nursing home and they loved them. Contact the home and ask them.

They would love the “performance”. Good gifts, footie type slipper socks. {One size fits most},hard candies,body powder, for after a bath, in fact any bath products are usually appreciated. Bring a marker to mark the residents products.

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