Its Billy Poll Tuesday! Who has your vote for President? Hillary, Obama, McCain or another, or undecided?

Last week Hillary won with 43% of the vote! Each of the top three have had their winning weeks. This is Billy Poll #7, each Tuesday until the November election…


It’s all over for Hillary Clinton.

Stop the Drama
Vote for Obama

Hillary Clinton



Mccain 08


Obama keeps my vote and support.

I voted for Hillary
-But if it turns out to be between McBush and Obama then I would
have to vote for
because I don’t want another 4 years of McBush


Hillary R. Clinton

We need someone who can wear both skirt and pants when needed. She’s the perfect fit. She’s INTELLIGENT, well prepared, experienced and most importantly a good human being.

She projects that with her actions and physical expressions.

WE need a major change. Vote Hillary 2008!

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